You invest a lot in your business applications,

Solan-Technologies’ 4 state of the art systems:

From performance improvement support, through business process automation, and to employee
training optimization, Solan’s systems can deliver dramatic improvements in productivity, increase
speed and reduce costs of business processes across your organization.


Create in-app guides and support in minutes, with our basic performance support system.

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Advanced, fully-featured electronic performance support and training optimization system.Learn More »


Automate your business processes with Solan’s Robotic Process Automation system.Learn More »


Advanced functionality, fully-featured process automation system for the enterprise.Learn More »

Reduce costs, improve productivity and increase ROI with Solan’s
Process Automation and Performance Support

Our solutions can help your organization to:

Reduce avoidable costs

Reduce help-desk and support calls.
Validate form data across systems.
Eliminate employees errors.

Speed up productivity

Assist users exactly when needed.
Automate repetitive operations.
Automatic form completion.

Accelerate revenues

Reduce training time and improve efficiency.
Employees have more time for up sales.
Run multiple automated processes at once.

Strengthen your ROI

By implementing Solan’s real time support
and process automation solutions

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