Increase revenues while reducing costs
With Solan Technologies EPSS & RPA solutions

In-App Guidance

Real-time interactive guidance and performance improvement system, which leads the user from end to end, based on desktop actions, reducing errors and help-desk calls.

Process Automation

Automation of routine tasks to accelerate business processes while reducing errors and costs. Additionally, you can run multiple automated processes at once to increase productivity even more.

Real-Time Support

Context-sensitive answers directly within business applications, allowing fast implementation of new systems and 24/7 global in-app support.

Solan’s 4 state of the art systems:


Create in-app guides and support in minutes, with our basic performance support system.

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Advanced, fully-featured electronic performance support and training optimization system.Learn More »


Automate your business processes with Solan’s Robotic Process Automation system.Learn More »


Advanced functionality, fully-featured process automation system for the enterprise.Learn More »


Empower your workforce with real-time next-best-action recommendations,
an intelligent decision engine, and process automation solutions.

Reduce avoidable costs

Reduce help-desk and support calls.
Validate form data across systems.
Eliminate employees errors.

Speed up productivity

Assist users exactly when needed.
Automate repetitive operations.
Automatic form completion.

Accelerate revenues

Reduce training time and improve efficiency.
Employees have more time for up sales.
Run multiple automated processes at once.


From performance improvement support, through business process automation, and to employee training
optimization, the EPSS & RPA solutions by Solan Technologies can deliver dramatic improvements in
productivity, increase speed and reduce costs of business processes across your organization.

Performance Support

Solan’s innovative EPSS solutions provides users with context-relevant, real-time application guidance and support, exactly at their moment of need and directly within the organization’s own business applications.

Process Automation

Our RPA solutions lets you automate any business process that is definable, rules-based, and repeatable. It’s like a “digital workforce” that manages the execution of processes and tasks, just like a real person would.

Training Optimization

Solan’s advanced training optimization solutions has proven to significantly improve training programs and shortening the training duration by supporting users in real-time, in the live application on all frequent tasks.

Extremely easy to use

All of our EPSS & RPA solutions comes with Solan Technologies state of the art Studio, a robust authoring platform designed for rapid development and maintenance of advanced in-application guidance, real-time performance improvement, and process automation sequences.

Our Studio allows even non-technical users to design, test and deploy comprehensive in-app guides and automations easily and in a short time. The result: knowledge of individual employee is available to all colleagues.

Electronic Performance Support System – The Benefits

Increase Revenues

EPSS allows the sales team to focus on high value leads and shorten deal time, boosting efficiency of the sale process.

Improve Compliance

With EPSS the business rules configuration is based on your organization’s objectives and procedures.

Lower Support Costs

With EPSS users help themselves without adding to your support load, which means less support costs.

Link Between Systems

When employees need more information, they are one click away from relevant information from any other system.

Faster Process, No Errors

Processes are getting done fast, correctly and consistently with step by step guidance through complex business processes.

Reduce Training Durations

Users learn in seconds with real-time in-app guidance, significantly reducing on-board training duration of new employee.

Your apps on Auto Pilot
The Process Automation benefits:

Accelerate Revenues

Execute high volumes of front and back office automations, even during peak periods. Employees are freed up to focus on more profitable processes.

Improve Productivity

With better utilization of resources, 24/7 output, and elimination of errors, organizations will achieve new levels of process efficiency and productivity.

Reduce Costs

Eliminate manual entry and human error, as robots are 100% accurate, have unlimited attention spans, and don’t make mistakes in their calculations.

Start Immediately

Easily create process automation of all complexity, simply by recording the process while executing it, our RPA system will do the rest for you.

Reduce costs, improve productivity and increase ROI
with Solan Technologies’ EPSS & RPA solutions

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