Employee Training Optimization

Reduce Employees Training Time and Costs
With Real-Time, In-App Guidance

Provide relevant support for your users, exactly where and when they need it the most.

In addition to Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Electronic Performance Support System (EPSS), Solan-Technologies’ solutions also includes a knowledge management system. Our system eliminates errors and user’s frustration by providing step-by-step instructions in real-time, and context-aware guidance — even for new systems and processes.

Solan’s just-in-time support and training system will gain organizations tremendous ’employee performance improvement’ and will ensure they always remember what they’ve learned.

Reduce training time by 40%
Improve training efficiency by 80%
Reduce training cost and maintenance by 50%
Reduce errors & interruptions by +95

Bring your employees to their full potential,
Create in-app help with a click of a button.

Solan’s training optimization helps organizations to:

Shorter training times

Our customers were able to reduce 40% of their on-board training duration by using on-the-job, real-time guidance and support.

Improve training effectiveness

Customers who adopted our training method have seen up to 80% improvement in their trainees proficiency score.

Reduce avoidable costs

Our customers were able to reduce around 50% of their training costs by eliminate user errors and ensuring continuous learning.

Assist users in their "Moment of Need"

With our Employee Training Optimization system you make information available exactly when it is required – at the “moment of need”. Your employees always get exactly the right support because the content is relevant to the current business application they are working on. As a result, the employee performance is much higher, process errors are minimized and the load on your help-desk is reduced.


On-screen real-time guidance

Provide users with concise guidance that anticipates each step needed to complete a process successfully


Link to additional systems and content

When employees need more information, they are one click away from relevant drill-down information


Fast and simple recording process

Easily create in-app guidance and support content simply by recording the process while executing it


Comply with your business rules

Business rules configuration is based on your organization’s objectives, ensuring consistent information

Requires no integration and works on any application

Requiring zero integration, our solution works with any business application (legacy, desktop, web based, etc..) and can even execute cross-application processes.
Furthermore, Solan’s Employee Training Optimization system lets you produce help and guidance content using a simple recording process that captures dynamically generated elements on the screen. This means that you can create a guidance for an app just by using it as usual.

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Reduce costs, improve productivity and increase ROI
With Solan’s Employee Training Optimization

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