Bring your employees to their full potential,
Create in-app, step by step support
with Solan-Technologies' EPSS.

Real Time, In-App Guidance

Imagine if each of your employees had a GPS sitting on their desktop, pointing them in the right direction to perform a task, at any given time. The Click’nDone EPSS does exactly that.

  • Click’nDone EPSS works alongside the applications on the desktop, allowing the user to know exactly what to do at any given moment.
  • A single click by the user presents accurate guidance information about the task being performed.
  • The system delivers role-specific guidance, so each user sees just the right information right when it’s needed.
  • Users follow online instructions as they continue to work.
  • Process details and steps are updated dynamically in case of changes in the process.
  • The guidance Viewer is always on the top, but never in the way.


On-screen real-time assistance

Provide users with concise guidance that anticipates each step needed to complete the process successfully


Link to additional systems and content

When employees need more information, they are one click away from relevant drill-down information


Extremely simple recording process

Easily create in-app, real-time guided help content simply by recording the process while executing it


Comply with your business rules

Business rules configuration is based on your organization’s objectives to ensure consistent information


With Click’nDone EPSS you make information available exactly when it is required: at the “moment of need”. The users always get exactly the right support because the content is relevant to the current business application they are working on. As a result, employees are significantly more productive, process errors are minimized and the load on your help-desk is reduced.


Easy Configuration

Configuring Click’nDone is code-free, logical and simple. The real-time guides are designed to be easily created, maintained and published by business users and subject matter experts.


Unlimited Scalability

Once the in-app guidance is recorded, it is available for reuse by any other employee, and you can clone it as much as needed in order to increase productivity in the organization.

Increase ROI and Productivity

Click’nDone empowers your employees with real-time next-best-action recommendations, delivering dramatic improvements in productivity.

  • Get started in days thanks to our intuitive, easy to use guidance recorder.
  • Create, publish, and maintain content with WYSIWYG ease.
  • Drastically reduce training durations, slashing induction times by 40%.
  • Reduce errors and interruptions, mitigating risk and costs while enhancing compliance.
  • Increase customer and employee satisfaction through improved information and better job performance.
  • Lower operating costs and improve overall metrics along with immediate productivity gains.

Click'nDone is beneficial for the entire organization:

Sales and product managers

Click’nDone can prompt sales agents to up-sell/cross-sell within the process, and provide guidance when it’s needed the most – while on the phone with the customer. This helps agents to find the high quality deals faster and sales teams to focus on high value leads.

Call centers / customers care

Click’nDone unique in-app guidance ensures agents perform at the expected level from the first time, every time. The system guides the user in real time, on the live application, while the customer is on the phone, until successful completion of the desired task.

Employee training

Train and onboard your employees faster and ensure they successfully apply what they learn on any software. Click’nDone significantly reduces training duration and improves effectiveness, so employees always remember what they learned during the training.

Make profitable decisions on the fly with
Click’nDone EPSS.

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