Increase revenues and reduce costs of business processes through automation

Our Robotic Process Automation software simply mimics a person’s action in completing rule-based tasks, just as if a person was completing the task themselves. Once deployed, Click’nMotion works 24/7 with amazing accuracy and at a fraction of your current costs.
The Click’nMotion platform enables organizations to rapidly automate manual back office processes by creating their own “virtual employees”. This leads to a significant reduction in cost whilst, at the same time, improving process efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Reduce avoidable costs by +50
Reduce support calls by50%
Reduce process maintenance costs by 80%
Reduce errors & interruptions by 100%

Bring your business apps to their full potential,
Create a process automation with a click of a button!
Click’nMotion helps organizations to:

Accelerate revenues

Click’nMotion executes high volumes of back-office processes quickly and accurately even during peak periods, allowing employees to focus on more profitable processes.

Reduce avoidable costs

Click’nMotion completely eliminates human errors, as robots are 100% accurate, have unlimited attention spans, and don’t make mistakes in their calculations.

Improve productivity

With better utilization of resources, 24/7 output, and elimination of errors, organizations will achieve new levels of process efficiency – leading to increased revenue and productivity.

Innovative process automation software

At the core of our process automation software is the Click’nMotion Automation Technology which allows business users to record and edit processes of all complexity.

With the intuitive Click’nMotion recorder business users or subject matter experts (SMEs) can intuitively automate a business process, apply business rules, decision points and policy enforcement.


Simple recording process

During recording, your actions on the screen are observed and translated into a workflow of automation steps


Library for automated tasks

Pull tasks and automation processes from a centralized repository, reducing set-up time and replication efforts


Cross-Application Process

When data is entered by an employee Click’nMotion can populated it accurately across any other application


Comply with your business rules

Business rules configuration is based on the organization’s objectives, so your teams are in tune across all units

A few common processes for automation:

Banking & Finance
Data validation, customer account management, new account verification, invoice processing, form filling, report creation, loan application processing, financial claims processing.

Integration of legacy systems with newer systems, verification process, assigning sub-contractors to jobs.

Importing website orders and email sales into back-end systems, automatically updating online inventory & product information.

Transferring customer data between applications, collecting and backing up information from client systems, uploading data, extracting competitor pricing data.

Medical bill processing, patient data migration and processing, patient record storage, reporting for doctors.

Claims processing, new account creation, insurance policy creation based on customer’s information.

Requires no integration, works on any application

Requiring zero integration, Click’nMotion RPA system does not replace your existing systems, it works with any business application (legacy, desktop and web based) and can even execute cross-application processes, exchange data between different systems and perform repetitive tasks faster and with more accuracy than humans, and all of this without compromising your system’s performance.

Furthermore, Click’nMotion lets you produce process automation using a simple recording process that captures dynamically generated elements on the screen. Simply indicate where to click, type, copy, or perform any other action, our process automation system will capture it all and convert it into an automated business process sequence. This means that you can create an automation for an app just by using it as usual.

Among the supported apps are all major common software platforms such as Windows, Citrix, Java, web-based, etc. as well as systems like ERPs, CRMs, billing, emulators for legacy apps, tailor made applications, etc.

Whether your challenges relate to improving processing accuracy and
efficiency, improving customer service, enforcing compliance or reducing costs, our process automation software is the perfect solution for you.

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