Performance Support Done Right!

In-app real-time guidance

Provide users with concise guidance that anticipates each step needed to complete a process successfully.

Comply with your business rules

With Click’nNav the business rules guidance configuration is based on your business objectives and procedures.

Link to additional content

When employees need more information, they are one click away from relevant drill-down info, from any other system.

Works on any application

Requiring zero integration, Click’nNav works with any business application (legacy, desktop and web based).

Simple recording process

Easily create guided help by recording the process while executing it. Once recorded, the content is available for all.

Shorter training durations

Reduce training and on-boarding durations by using Click’nNav on-the-job, real-time guidance and support.

Initial Problem

Employees are expected to perform tasks and complete business processes at a high level of quality and efficiency. However, the execution of complex business processes, often across multiple applications, presents a challenge to users, especially when there are constant changes in the organization.

Business processes often involve operating multiple disconnected systems. Users are required to copy information from one system to another, achieving far from optimal throughput. In addition, training and implementation durations are long, and when users perform the same task over and over again, any change in the process represents a potential for the user to make a mistake.

Our Solution

Solan-Technologies’ Electronic Performance Support System (EPSS) was developed specifically to bring both your technology and HR to their full potential, by providing real-time process guidance.
The system assists users while they are using the application or carrying out a process by providing context-sensitive information up-to-date. This on-the-job training approach enables informal learning, reduces errors and ensures that employees are able to complete business processes efficiently and accurately.

With Click’nNav EPSS your team can navigate and comply with your unique business processes, whether it’s their first week on the job or the day after a process change.

We play nicely with others:

Increase speed and reduce costs of business processes with Click’nNav advanced Performance Support system

Some Of The Click’nNav Benefits

Accelerate on-boarding times

Being able to open in-app tips on a system allows your staff to learn the system much faster, and grow their confidence.

No technical skills needed

Remove roadblocks to content creation by allowing support staff and non technical team members improve the business processes.

Quick setup

Go from nothing, to having in-app, real-time, step by step support in a short time, due to our intuitive, easy to use guidance editor.

Increase revenue with upsells

Click’nNav helps agents to find the high quality deals faster, shorten deal time, and allows the sales team to focus on high value leads first.

Accelerate system training

Users learn much faster with in-app guidance in real-time, rather than using a different FAQ system when they need help.

Focus on the customer

Stop placing customers on hold while seeking for answers. With Click’nNav agents can focus on what’s really important – the customer.

Lower support costs

With Click’nNav users help themselves without adding to your support load. Less support load, means less support costs.

Familiar interface

Click’nNav works on your actual business apps so you can see exactly what the user will see when making changes.

Improve compliance

Click’nNav prevents user errors by using contextual recommendations, among other capabilities, all to ensure better compliance.

Performance improvement across all departments

Click’nNav increases productivity and profits across the entire organization
by making your employees more effective from day one.

Sales and product managers

Click’nNav can prompt sales agents to up-sell/cross-sell within the process, and provide guidance when it’s needed the most – while on the phone with the customer. This performance support helps agents to find the high quality deals faster and sales teams to focus on high value leads.

Call centers / customers care

Click’nNav performance support and in-app guidance ensures agents perform at the expected level from the first time, every time. The system guides the user in real time, on the live application, while the customer is on the phone, until successful completion of the desired task.

Employee training

Train and on-board your employees faster and ensure they successfully apply what they learn on any software. Our learning management system significantly reduces training duration and improves training effectiveness, so employees always remember what they learned.

Reduce costs, improve productivity and increase ROI
with Click’nNav performance support and
learning management system

Contact us today and find out how Click’nNav real-time, in-app guidance can
help your organization maximize revenues through performance improvement

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