Set-up and control multiple automated business processes

Our business process automation software enables you to manage multiple automation processes simultaneously, from one single console, providing a complete solution for organizations that require enterprise level management, reporting, security and back office integration capabilities.

Automated business processes are managed centrally, allowing you to deploy and run an army of automation tasks from a single management center so the overall operational workload is reduced across all available resources. You’ll be able to schedule, queue, track, verify, organize and report on all automation activities, which will extremely maximize the benefits of the process automation.

Reduce avoidable costs by +50
Reduce support calls by50%
Reduce process maintenance costs by 80%
Reduce errors & interruptions by 100%

Simple and fast recording process

During recording, your actions on the screen are observed and translated into a workflow of automation steps


Cross-Application Process

When data is entered by an employee Click’nMotion can populated it accurately across any other application


Comply with your business rules

Business rules configuration is based on the organization’s objectives, so your teams are in tune across all units

Communication across systems

Click’nComm can link with other systems from Solan-Technologies that are running on other computers on the network, which leads to a huge improvement in performance efficiency.

  • Exchange of information
    Automatic operation of multiple computers, operated in a parallel way, in order to complete a task, which leads to transfer of information to a central management computer.
  • Synchronization
    Automatic operation of computers – depending on receiving a response / data from other computers in the network.
  • Better utilization of computing power
    Better usability of the organization’s computing power for high volume of tasks, even during peak times.

Bring your apps to their full potential,
Create a business process automation in a click of a button!

Accelerate revenues

Click’nComm can execute multiple automated processes simultaneously and accurately, even during peak periods. Employees are freed up to focus on more profitable processes.

Reduce avoidable costs

Click’nComm completely eliminates human errors, as robots are 100% accurate, have unlimited attention spans, and don’t make mistakes in their calculations.

Improve productivity

With better utilization of resources, 24/7 output, and elimination of errors, organizations will achieve new levels of process efficiency – leading to increased revenue and productivity.

Enterprise ready solution

Click’nComm enables organizations to quickly and easily deploy and queue large volumes of business process automation activities – simultaneously.

At the core of our automation solutions is Solan’s innovative ‘business process automation’ technology which allows business users to record and edit processes of all complexity, generate automation scripts, and all of this without any coding required.

With Click’nComm you can control and deploy a large amount of automated business processes in a synchronized, scheduled manner, to complete the work with amazing speed and high efficiency.

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Reduce costs, improve productivity and increase ROI
with Click’nComm advanced business process automation

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