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We Are Solan Technologies

The Process Automation and Performance Support pioneers

About Us

Solan Technologies was founded in 1996 to offer innovative solutions for various institutes and integrate new computer-aided tools for training and E-learning. The company had more than 70 software solutions used in over 2000 organizations around the world.

Today, Solan-Technologies’ real-time solutions for process automation and performance support are used by leading global brands across various industries such as financial services, insurance companies and public sector organizations, including some Fortune 500 companies among them.

You invest a lot in your business applications,
now it’s time to use their full potential!

Speed up productivity

Automation of repetitive tasks.
Transferring information across systems.
Automatic form completion.

Reduce avoidable costs

Eliminate user errors.
Validate form data.
Reduce help-desk and support calls.

Improve compliance

Reduce training time.
User guidance through organizational procedures.

Solan-Technologies’ solutions in a few words:

Solan-Technologies’ EPSS provides users with context-relevant, real-time application guidance and support, exactly at their moment of need, and directly within the organization’s business application.

Automate any business process that is definable, rules-based, and repeatable. Like a “digital workforce” that will manage the execution of that process just as if a person was completing the task himself.

Solan-Technologies’ Training Optimization system has proven to significantly improve training programs and shortening the training duration by supporting users in real-time, in the live application on all infrequent tasks.

Reduce costs, improve productivity and increase ROI
with Solan-Technologies’ Process Automation and
Performance Support solutions

Or email us at info@solantech.com

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