100% accurate robots – working 24/7 for you!

With increasing costs and complexity, companies must use employees more effectively by shifting them away from repetitive, labor-intensive tasks. Robotic Process Automation (RPA) uses automated software technology to complete exactly those simple tasks.

Solan’s process automation system completes work much faster and with maximum precision, allowing your employees to focus on more business-critical operations and higher value activities which require judgement-based problem solving, communication, empathy, etc..

Automation Robots do not get tired or bored so in terms of pure transactional processing, they achieve far more efficiency during routine, repetitive, rule-based tasks. As a result, the Robot’s rate of productivity is much higher than a human equivalent.

Just like an “autopilot” for your business apps.



Improved Productivity

Solan’s Robotic Process Automation system can operate around the clock, without taking any breaks, allowing more tasks to be handled at any given time.


Fast ROI

With improved performance, better utilization of resources, 24/7 output, and elimination of errors, your organization will achieve faster and higher ROI.


Improved Accuracy

The risk of human error is reduced through automation. Robots don’t make mistakes or judgment calls so you can significantly lower the risks that are associated with errors.


Solan’s Robotic Process Automation (RPA) lets you automate any business process that is definable, repeatable, and rules-based, by managing the execution of that process, just as if a person was completing the task himself. In addition, our automated digital employees work 24/7 once deployed, with amazing accuracy and at a fraction of your current costs.


Easy Configuration

Configuring the RPA system by Solan-Technologies is logical, smart and fast. Process automations are designed to be easily created, maintained and managed by business users and subject matter experts.


Unlimited Scalability

Once a process automation is recorded, it is available for re-use, and you can even clone it and deploy hundreds (or thousands) automation robots, allowing the digital workforce to grow as your business grows.

Human intervention is not a must

Solan-Technologies’ Robotic Process Automation systems can work in an unattended mode on multiple machines simultaneously, in real time. Additionally, our systems can  run processes “behind the scenes” – automating form completion, transferring data from one system to another and more – allowing a totally unattended and secure execution of the process without any intervention needed.

In addition, our RPA systems can also share the same desktop with a human agent when needed. The automation execution can be triggered by user events, such as clicking on a specific element or pressing a specific key on the keyboard.
Furthermore, our systems can automate applications that are not even visible, avoiding interruptions to the agent work. If a decision-point is reached, the system will interact with the agent to receive the relevant action before continuing.

Seamless integration, any application


Solan’s RPA system does not replace your existing systems – it simply works alongside any system, on different platforms, and without compromising your system’s performance.

Among the supported apps are all major common software platforms such as Windows, Citrix, Java, web-based, etc. as well as systems like ERPs, CRMs, billing, emulators for legacy apps, tailor made applications, etc.

Furthermore, Solan’s RPA system creates a process automation in the same way that you would expect a regular user will use an application.

Simply indicate directly on the screen where to click, type, copy, or perform any other action, our process automation system will capture it all and convert it into an automated business process sequence. This means that you can create an automation for an app just by using it as usual.

We play nicely with others:

Automation for your sales team

Solan’s RPA provides sales agents with next-best-action sales recommendations. The system identifies sales opportunities by analyzing the customer’s information and eligibility for possible promotions or sales campaigns, while the call takes place. This helps to find the high quality deals faster, shorten deal time, and allows the sales team to focus on high value leads and concentrate on the conversation with the customer.

Task automation performs the actions/steps for the user in order to shorten and improve the sales process. This not only helps expedite the process, but also the customer is thrilled not to have to repeat their information over and over again.

Automation for your call center and support

Call centers use various systems and applications that agents have to promptly navigate while at the same time managing their interaction with customers. Implementing our process automation solution will both dramatically improve your agents processes and elevate customer experience.

By aggregating customer information from multiple sources in a single view, call center automation will make the agent more effective and engaged with the customer, and satisfied customers translates into improved first call resolution (FCR).

Consequently, our robotic process automation system increases the long-term revenue potential by enabling a continuous improvement in customer satisfaction.

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